The Chair Hack

(A quick fix for a chair with a broken leg)

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The Dilemma
A chair with a broken leg is almost impossible to sit on. Especially with any comfort.

The Solution?
A clever low-tech hack. Virtually anyone from any part of the Coke product world should be able to successfully perform this hack.

Photo 1. Here we see a full frontal view of the hack we are about to perform

Photo 2. A closer look at the zone of conflict

  • (1) chair with a broken leg, prefably at the wheel
  • Several soda cans. A Sprite can was used in this experiment, but other caffeine free cans would probably suffice

Carefully lift chair and set aluminum can under broken leg. Depending on how this is set up will determine the life span of the aluminum can. If the middle of the can is selected the leg will quickly push through, thusly destroying the can.

However, if the can is propped at an angle and the chair is resting on the rim of the can, then the can will have a signifcantly longer life cycle (approximately 3x as long or roughly 45 minutes). See Figure 1 for a more detailed view.

Even better is that once the member can collapses, the other side is still intact enough to be used again (as seen in the Photo 2). The second usage of the can tends to be the longest, often lasting several hours until collapsation.

Figure 1

Sitting Technique
Due to the weak nature of non-caffeinated softdrink cans, a specialized sitting technique should be developed.

Technique Rule #1: One must sit with both feet on the ground at all times. This dramatically reduces the force exerted on all of the chair legs.
Technique Rule #2: Try to sit on the opposit side of the seat that the member can is located beneath. This minimizes the force on the member can.
Technique Rule #3: Lastly, try to avoid wild movements. Tone down strong emotions such as enthusiasm. Whatever you do, do not operate your chair while intoxicated. Don't drink and sit.