GridMaker V1.2

Example grid generated using GridMaker with Laplace solever

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GridMaker is a 2-D structured grid generation software package developed by Nic Reveles. It's use is mostly limited to aiding in the scientific computing of discritized two dimensional problems, such as those encountered in CFD (computational fluid dynamics).

GridMaker outputs an ASCII 2-D single grid in Plot3D format to the file grid.p3d


GridMaker is packed with features. GridMaker has three grid solvers, including an algerbraic grid solving algorithm and two elliptic solvers. The two elliptic solvers include a Laplace solver, and a solver that uses the Thomas-Middlecoff algorithm. The software also supports vectical clustering of points.

Grids are generated from a dimension file that follows an easy to follow syntax. GridMaker has native support for circles and NACA symmetric 4-digit airfoils. Other shapes may be created by linearly connecting points.


GridMaker can be successfully compiled on virtually any computer without hassle using the provided makefile. Due to its small size of just over 1,200 lines of code, compilation usually takes under 60 seconds to complete. To date, GridMaker is known to have been compiled with the GNU C++ compiler on X86-64 FreeBSD (Unix), DEC-Alpha NetBSD (Unix), Sparc SunOS (Unix), X86 Ubuntu (Linux), and on PPC MacOS-X (Apple). For instructions regarding installation, consult the included README file.

Download Available

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