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Honors Project


Assignment Explanation for the Reader

Despite the fact that I knew I would be transferring to another university (Georgia Tech), I decided to take my low-speed incompressible aerodynamics course for honors credit. My professor, Dr. Seath, let me chose my own project, so I decided to pick something that would be seriously challenging for myself. I picked airfoil design.

It was maybe a bit too ambitious, though. By the time I had learned enough to conceivably design my own airfoil, we were nearing the end of the semester. I spent about a month's worth of weekends just writing code to evaluate a discretized airfoil, and by the time I was done with that there wasn't much time for much else. Somewhat ironically, though, I do consider myself successful since I managed to set up the base from which future modifications would arise. I also got the honors credit, although it disappeared in the transfer.

Source Code

Source code is available here. It is NOT for use in a publicly distributed program, business, etc. It may be used for private individual use.

NACA airfoil

naca2412.dat. Obviously I have no control over the NACA airfoils, and my incredibly small modifications do not count as a new airfoil. Had I created a better one for tunnel boats, I'd still say "keep it". :)

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