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The one thing I thought I would never want to be is an engineer. Why would anyone want to be an engineer? It sounded boring, but I changed my attitude very soon after registering with the aerospace department! Engineers combine both theory and first hand knowledge to design and build the most fascinating things on the earth.

The first thing I ask myself when I learn something new is, "What does it do and how do I exploit it? That being so, I find myself in intellectual heaven as an aerospace engineering major. Most of the time we are given an example of what we are learning being put to work. It's made so easy that it's hard to feel that it's not cheating.

If this section looks like it is lacking for being my major... well... it is! I wish I had the inclination to post many of my neat projects here, but the fact is that it begins to feel too much like homework. Doing "homework" for someone else's major is alright... but assigning yourself extra homework? ...maybe one of these weekends, but don't hold your breath!

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