CT_RaidTracker Hack

for World of Warcraft

Raid Hack takes a CT_RaidTracker log file and parses it to clearly show who got what items in World of Warcraft. Simply upload a logfile to any webspace and enter the URL below.

Don't have access to your own webspace? Try easy-sharing, it doesn't require any sort of sign-up. Just make sure to provide the URL to the actual file and not the HTML page. ;)

Please do your best to keep file sizes low! Also, if you want to try a sample, but don't play WoW (good for you), try http://selever.freeshell.org/samplelog

URL of Log:

For the Record: I don't play WoW or agree with those who do. I believe games tend to be a huge waste of time. This was written because another user on SDF (rediske) was trying to do the same thing, and the idea intrigued me. So don't get any ideas!

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