Escaping Road Rage

I've often been told that I over analyze things. I would probably agree with that assessment, but I do not believe that it is a bad thing.

I've always had a slight fear (read: paranoia) of being followed. So one day I came up with The Three Thing You can Do to Escape Being Followed. They were as follows:

1. Out-drive them in skill. This brings squealing tires and tight U-Turns to mind. I'm a strong believer in very safe driving, but I suppose that if someone Loony were after you this might be an appealing option.
2. Out-drive them in range. Eventually one car will run out of gas before the other, why should it not be theirs? This could be a very nice option if you don't wish to get in (or cause) an accident and know that whoever is following in you wont try to crash into you.
3. Out-smart them. Anything that does not fit into the first two categories goes here. Such as calling the police, dummy!

Okay, but say you really wanted to out-range someone, how fast should you go? Is there a "sweet spot" where you will maximize their fuel consumption while keeping yours down?

This is the subject of Escaping Road Rage--finding the best velocity for escaping your followers.

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