Under the Hood

When I first started creating this website it consisted of some very basic html and nothing else. Why nothing else? Well, frankly, because I didn't know anything else. :P

So what about now? You can probably guess by looking at file extensions, viewing the source, etc. but I'll just go ahead and lay it all out.

This website is driven by:

You might cock an eyebrow at C++, but yes it really is there (CT_RaidHack). It's driven by a CGI script.

So what is here that I did not create myself? Well not much, let me tell you! So far:

I did not:

I've intentionally shied away from anything that is browser dependent, because it drives everyone insane. I cannot stand it when I have to switch browsers for some random site. I've also avoided using Flash because currently they do not offer browser plugins for the BSD operating systems.

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