Blinkin' Adrenaline

operation of Blinkin' Adrenaline

By far this is my flagship Windows project. I came across plans on the Internet on how to make an LED meter that would shoot up and down with the bass your computer played.

The design was simple enough. Eight LEDs were soldered to a small breadboard(?) and then connected to the appropriate pins of a 25 pin (serial port) D-Sub Connector. The trick was that you had to place the appropriate resistance in between the LEDs or you would draw too much current from the motherboard and quickly fry it.

I was taking high school physics II at the time, so there was no reason I shouldn't be able to use Ohm's Law to find the proper resisters. Still, there is something different about applying the principles in a classroom environment and using them in a situation where you have something more at stake than a grade.

On a side note, I first bought my resisters from Fry's Electronics. It cost me a fortune and I immediately returned them after I found, a group that I highly recommend for both their [relative] low cost and speed with which they shipped my LEDs.

Once finished, I attempted the free software. Disaster! It was a bad link!

I panicked a bit. Then, after much huffing and puffing, I resigned to finish the project. I would just learn to write my own serial "hand-shaking" program. Eventually I did get my own software working. I would include the source code, however I lost everything in a harddrive crash.

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